Google Apps for Education Introduction

Most of you have heard that we will be transitioning away from FirstClass and moving into the Google Apps for Education.  So what does that mean?  We currently use FirstClass client to access/read and send emails.  FirstClass is a text-based email platform and we all know we are living in an HTML (web) based world.  So by moving to the Google Apps for Education, we will be utilizing Gmail as our new email client.

So what does mean for everyone?

– All staff members’ email will be transitioned over (by the tech department) starting in December and ending in Spring Break. We will be transitioning building by building.  We will publish a timeline showing the order/dates of each school transition.

– In Google Apps for Education staff members will have access to Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Sites, Google Groups, Google Classroom and Google Hangouts.

– Also by going with Google, each staff member will get unlimited storage space for emails, documents, and forms. Right now the typical user only has 200mb in FC.

– We will begin the process of moving all of the forms, meeting minutes, etc into Google Drive and shared to the appropriate staff members.

– The only pieces of FirstClass that we do not have the ability to transition for each user is the FC Calendar and FC websites.  There is a way to export your FC calendar into Google Calendar and we will have specific directions on how to do that.  We will also have suggestions for creating a new website in Google Sites, Infinite Campus, or a variety of other providers.

– There will be training for groups of teachers, support staff and administrators on January 16th, 2015.  There will also be numerous videos and written directions on how to use Google Apps for Education.

– FirstClass will be available through the end of the school year.  But once your building is transitioned to Google you will have to use Gmail for all email.

Here are a few videos to help aide in the introduction of Google Apps for Education:

Google for Education 101

Google Mail

Google Classroom

Google Calendar

Google Drive

Google Hangout

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