Looking for Early Google Adopters

I am currently seeking 50-75 staff members that would like to be the early adopters for Google Apps for Education, including transitioning from FirstClass to Gmail services.  By becoming an early adopter you will be able to help the district determine the most effective way to transition the rest of the district to gmail.  An early adopter will also need to be adventurous as their may be some bumps in the road.  But early adopters help to smooth out those bumps in the road by providing feedback about the product.  The early adopter transition will begin in middle to late December, with the rest of the district transitioning between January and March.

If you are interested in signing up to become an early adopter please complete the form linked below:

Click here to sign up for the ability to become an early adopter

Those chosen as early adopters will be notified in early to middle December.


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