PHSC Wins $25K Intel/Best Buy Tech Grant

In a competition created by Intel, with all of the Best Buy stores in the nation to determine the knowledge of Best Buy employees on Intel products, our home Best Buy (on SR256) claimed the national title, bring with it a $25,000 donation to Pickerington High School Central.  Best Buy members had to study and take numerous tests, the competition based their test scores on other Best Buy stores across the nation.  The Best Buy in Reynoldsburg claimed the #1 spot in the nation!  Each Best Buy had to “adopt” one school that if the store was in the top 10 nationally their adopted school would benefit as well.  PHSC was adopted and benefited from Best Buy (Reynoldsburg) hard work.  PHSC was honored at an event and given the $25,000 check to increase technology integration with their students.  PLSD would like to thank the store members of Best Buy in Reynoldsburg for this donation, your hard work will be put to great use with the students of PHSC.

IMG_1103 IMG_1109 IMG_1115

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