Going Google 101 Staff Toolkit

Welcome to the first installment of the Google Staff Toolkit.  This 101 version of Google Apps for Education will be a basic overview and introduction to Google Mail, Calendar, Classrooms, Hangouts and Google+.  These videos will give staff members a basic understanding of each of the areas and information about how to transition some of your own materials into Google.

Going Google

Overview and Introduction to Google Apps for Education

Gmail 101

Gmail Basics

Google Drive 101

Drive Cheatsheet

Drive Cheatsheet 2

Docs Cheatsheet

Forms Cheatsheet

Slides Cheatsheet

Google Calendar 101

Google Calendar Hints and Tips

Google Classroom 101

Google Classroom Cheat Sheet

Google+ 101

Google+ Cheat Sheet

Google Hangouts 101

Google Hangouts Cheat Sheet

Guide to Google Apps for iPad

Next week, we will unveil the next installment of videos, Google 201, and move into more advanced functionality for Google Apps for Education.

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