Results of the Clarity Technology Survey

Earlier this school year, we asked for staff, students and parents complete the Clarity Technology Survey. Below are the results of the survey.  The survey was completed by approximately 3,500 students/parents and 450 staff members.  These results will help drive technology decisions in future planning.

At A Glance Parent Report

Century Learning Report

Curriculum Report

Infrastructure At Home Report

Infrastructure At School Report

Professional Dev Report

Supervisory Report

Tech Support Report

The results of this survey tell the story that our teachers and students want more technology integration in their classrooms, but in the past they did not have access to devices or did not have the proper skills to properly integrate technology.  With the major purchase of iPads and through some grant work, I am confident that the access to devices has been resolved.  The professional development for teachers and students is an ongoing issue in many facets of teacher preparation and we are working on innovative ways to assist teachers in integrating technology (such as this website).

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