Math performance-based practice tests now available

Here are practice tests for performance-based math tests in grades 3-8, algebra I and geometry. The practice tests will help teachers and students understand the new state tests students will take in February and March. The performance-based test is part one of the new state math test and covers knowledge and skills taught 75 percent into the school year. Students will solve multi-step problems that require reasoning and address real-world situations. The answers are scored by hand and computer. The practice tests have a scoring capability built into the tool and provide answer keys.

Part two, the end-of-year test, includes information learned 90 percent into the school year. Students take this part of the state test in April or May. They must demonstrate an understanding of concepts and procedures as well as carrying out short applications. Answers in the part two test are computer scored. The math practice tests for end-of-year are here.

Students must take parts one and two. Their scores from both parts are combined to create a final score for the math course. The math state test is based on Ohio’s New Learning Standards in mathematics.

From the Ohio Department of Education

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