Are you administering Ohio’s PARCC or AIR Assessments? Here are Step by Step Guides.

We are approximately two weeks out from the start of Ohio’s administration of the PARCC and AIR assessments.  To help in training teachers and proctors that will administer the PARCC and AIR assessment, I have created a number of step by step video guides that will guide the test administrators down the path to be able to effectively administer the new assessments. These videos were geared towards the students taking the assessments on iPads with the teachers only being responsible for administering the assessment.  The District and Building Test Coordinators have added all of the students and created all of the sessions.

Video Guide to Administering Ohio’s PARCC Assessments

Video Guide to Administering Ohio’s AIR Assessments

Handout Steps – PARCC

HandoutSteps w Pictures- PARCC

Handout Guide – Steps – AIR

Handout Guide – Steps w Pictures- AIR

Handout – Troubleshooting for iPads

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