Blab, Blab, Blab – Any Educational Use?

So I just witnessed my first Blab because of Steve Dotto @dottotech.  So what is a blab, imagine a video conference where you can chat about anything and let other people watch it.  You can have four “hosts” at time (hosts can be rotated in and out) and an unlimited number of spectators.  There is a chat and twitter feed that are integrated on either side of the blab.  Here is what a blab looks like:


So like always I am trying to wrap my head around how can we use this in the world of education.  A few of my early thoughts were to use this to extend the classroom, create a review session in the evening, students could use it to work on a group project, professors could hold office hours, teacher could collaborate from different schools or different districts.  I could even see students that are absent being a part of a Blab.

After taking a few minutes to look through the Blab site, I do have a few concerns.  Mostly that any Blab is open to the public, you can’t have a private Blab.  But you as the organizer of the Blab have the ability to kick out those that don’t belong.

So just like all of the other social medias Blab has it’s pluses and minuses.  I will be interested to find a way to use this and explore Blab even more.  I think it has a lot of possibilities!

Shout to @dottotech, @LinkedInExpert, @SueBZimmerman @Ileane @RachApolish and @TeamBlab

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