Why Chromebooks?

The District in 2015 transitioned all email systems, file storage, calendar services, video conferencing services, classroom learning management systems to Google Apps for Education. With this transition more of more of the District’s educators are using Google Apps for Education products in their classrooms, ranging from Google Classroom to collaborative Google Docs. The past practice of using shared iPads is difficult to properly use Google Apps for Education as the iPads are clunky in using multiple apps for Google.

Education Benefit – In choosing the Chromebook the District has the ability to put a device in the hand of every student in the District. Technology can have positive impacts on the educational process, but only if the technology is available when needed by the teacher or the student. The current model of sharing iPad carts limits the time students can use technology. Additionally the Chromebook 1:1 model will allow students to have devices 24/7. The hope is this model will allow learning to become a never-ending process, in which students can learn anywhere, anytime.

Chromebooks can work with or without an Internet connect – Current surveys show that 92% of the District’s students have access to the Internet at home, but 8% do not. Through the PickConnect program we are working to increase opportunities for students to access the Internet, through partnership with local business. The Chromebooks do have a small hard drive built into the system and can even be used at home without a Internet connection and be properly synced in seconds once the student enters the school.

Apps can be pushed out in seconds – The current practice of utilizing iPads causes some issues for loading apps. This process involves one person in the building (the Building Technology Advisor) syncing the carts to update/ install apps and operating systems. This process through an iPad can be time consuming. By utilizing the Google Apps Management Console, the technology department can push out apps wirelessly to specific groups of students or to all of the students in the District within minutes. Also teachers have the ability to create contact groups and push out apps just for their students.

There are little to no security/virus issues – As with all of the Chromebooks most things are stored in the cloud. That means there is nothing to “steal” from the computer and nothing for a virus to attach itself.

They turn on in eight seconds or less – The quick start up process saves precious instructional time.

Chromebooks have a battery life of eight to ten hours – Current Chromebooks will last the entire school day, making re-charging during the day not needed.


Why the Dell Chromebook 11?

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 3.57.17 PM

The Technology Committee has selected the Dell Chromebook 11 as the Chromebook Model to begin the 1:1 digital learning program with grades 5-8. The Dell Chromebook 11 merges the benefits of a chromebook and touchscreen device, giving teachers and students more resources to use to improve teaching and learning.

Product Overview: The Dell Chromebook 11 runs the Chrome operating system, has 4 GB of RAM, a 32 GB solid state hard drive, an 11.6 inch touchscreen, 802.11 ac WIFI connection and bluetooth capabilities.

Superior durability and design:

  • School tough: The Dell Chromebook 11 is MIL-STD (U.S. Military Standard) tested for durability, pressure, temperature, humidity, shock and vibration so it can handle student life.
  • Built for the backpack: The rubberized LCD and base trim absorbs shock for superior drop protection.
  • Surface strength: The scratch-resistant touch screen is made of Corning® Gorilla® Glass NBTTM — built to handle every tap, stroke and swipe.
  • Spill protection: Students can learn without fear. A fully sealed keyboard and touch pad provide the industry’s best spill protection for a student laptop.
  • Lightweight design: At under three pounds with a compact 11.6″ display, it’s easy to pop it in a backpack and head from class to class.

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