First Impressions of ISTE 2016

So I just arrived at ISTE2016 about 3 hours ago and I have had the time to walk through the Colorado Convention Center and peek into a bunch of rooms.  My first impressions are I love the convention center, it is well designed with wide hallways and lots of extra spaces to sit and relax or write a blog.  I am sitting in the Blogger’s Cafe right now writing this blog.  The Blogger’s Cafe is down on the bottom floor near the ballrooms.


The other part that I was very impressed with was the speed of the check-in process.  Most conferences have long lines and lots of wasted time in line.  But today, I typed my name in a computer while in a short line and my bag and name tage/paperwork was already for me.  Only a 90-second process.  Now, I did check in today and the conference really does not start until tomorrow evening, so who knows what the line will be tomorrow.

The ISTE signage around the convention center is very easy to follow and really puts you in the EdTech mode when you see all of the ISTE banners.  Plus the giant bear outside of the conference is amazing.  Here are a few pictures from around the convention center.

Probably my favorite room was the Bellco Theater which is IMG_3201where the keynotes will be held.  The door was open so I decided to take a look.  This room is amazing!! This is one of the biggest convention center theaters that I have attended.  And the stage looks awesome.  There is a place for a band to right and a sitting area for conversations.  It looks like a stage for the Tonight Show instead of ISTE.  But I do love that ISTE realizes that things can’t be the same as in the past and their stage shows the idea of flexible seating and confortable seating has a place in education.

So I am off to my first session of the conference.  Please continue to follow my blog and feel free to follow me on Twitter @SeymourEducate as I will be tweeting all five days and on YouTube @SeymourEducate as I plan on doing a daily video blog talking about everything I learned and saw during the day.

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