Exciting Adventures of ISTE Day 3

Welcome back to the adventures of the ISTE 2016 Conference.  So I just wrapped up Day 3 for ISTE and today was a good day with only one bump in the road.

So my day started with a session on Innovative Learning Spaces + 1:1 Technology = Powerful Learning.  During this session, there was a lot of discussion about how to remodel your classroom.  A few cheap ideas about whiteboards like getting wainscoting board from Home Depot or Lowe’s and having them cut it down to size.  It does work, I have use that type of a whiteboard for years.  I would recommend using ArmorAll on the whiteboards, it will keep the haze down on the whiteboards.

Also I learned about a new type of paint that will allow you to paint an entire wall as a whiteboard – Idea Paint. I would love to have an entire wall be a giant whiteboard.  Rumor has it this paint is fairly expensive and difficult to paint on the wall.  But if you can get past those two hurdles it works very well.

After that session, I took about 45 minutes and wandered through the exhibit, which is huge!!! Everyone and every EdTech company was there!  And of course, my bag is full with shirts and cool little goodies.

Then I hit the one speed bump, I wanted to go to a session on Google Classroom and I made it to the room with 20 minutes to spare and there was a sign that the session was closed.  I guess in Colorado law it states that no one can sit on the floor.  Back in Ohio, any floor space is fair game.  So I learned to be earlier from here on out for all of my sessions.

Then I attended the session on the new Role of the Chief Technology Officer. This session had a superstar panel including Alice Keeler, Kevin Honeycutt, Susan Bearden, Brad Waid and Jeremy Shorr.


The beginning conversation was about what should we push teachers to teach students.  A lot of what is going on today and probably 75% of the exhibit hall is fads and spur of the moment things that will be gone in a few years.  But we need to determine what skills the students need and use whatever to teach them those skills which they will continue to use far after that technology has ceased.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 9.19.59 PM

The majority of the conversation was dealing with how the CTO should work with the others in leadership positions in the district.  Here are my responses from Twitter.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 9.20.04 PM

I briefly caught the tail end of a session about AR, VR and QR.  Here is the resource that was shared.  Sorry no description here, as I only caught the last 2 minutes, but very good resources.

My last session of the day was with George Couros about Digital safety and citizenship.

George Couros Rubric on Is your school’s “digital citizenship” practice a pass of fail.


Here is the link to my Day 3 Screen Cast.

Please continue to follow my blog and feel free to follow me onTwitter @SeymourEducate as I will be tweeting all five days and on YouTube @SeymourEducate as I plan on doing a daily video blog talking about everything I learned and saw during the day.

Here is my plan for tomorrow:

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 1.18.30 PM

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