ISTE Day 2 Overview

Greetings from ISTE on Day 2 or the first official day.  Today started with TeachMeet ISTE where individuals could share ideas for 2, 7 or 20 minutes long.  I had the ability to present on our new technology plan and encouraged individuals to use our materials in creating their own technology plan for the district. [...]

First Impressions of ISTE 2016

So I just arrived at ISTE2016 about 3 hours ago and I have had the time to walk through the Colorado Convention Center and peek into a bunch of rooms.  My first impressions are I love the convention center, it is well designed with wide hallways and lots of extra spaces to sit and relax [...]

My Evening with Tony Wagner and Most Likely to Succeed

Just recently I had the honor of meeting Tony Wagner, who is the author of "Most Likely to Succeed" and "Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People that will Change the World". Through our Battelle For Kids SOAR partnership, I had the opportunity to be one of 65 people to get to spend 90 minutes [...]

Why Chromebooks?

The District in 2015 transitioned all email systems, file storage, calendar services, video conferencing services, classroom learning management systems to Google Apps for Education. With this transition more of more of the District’s educators are using Google Apps for Education products in their classrooms, ranging from Google Classroom to collaborative Google Docs. The past practice [...]

Common EdTech Definitions

Digital Learning - is any instructional practice that effectively uses technology to strengthen a student's learning experience. Synchronous Online Learning - refers to a learning event in which a group of online students are engaging in learning at the same time. Asynchronous Online Learning - is a student-centered teaching method that uses online learning resources [...]

The Educational Purpose of Technology

Why Technology? In the 21st century, understanding and using technology will be an integral part of virtually every aspect of daily life. It is the school system's responsibility to prepare students for this future. The classroom is the primary place where this preparation will occur; therefore, every classroom must be equipped with technology to support [...]