Doing Professional Development Differently

Just say the words Professional Development around any teachers and most of the time you get a disgusted look and an explanation of wasted time.  I think everyone has seen a variation of this picture: So the question needs to be asked how can we do professional development differently? How can we make PD purposeful [...]

Blab, Blab, Blab – Any Educational Use?

So I just witnessed my first Blab because of Steve Dotto @dottotech.  So what is a blab, imagine a video conference where you can chat about anything and let other people watch it.  You can have four "hosts" at time (hosts can be rotated in and out) and an unlimited number of spectators.  There is [...]


For many people, Twitter conjures up the worst of the internet: disjointed, meaningless phrases, unrecognizable abbreviations, and endless drivel about where someone's getting their double mocha today. A Teacher's Guide to Twitter So, Why Tweet?!?! For the inquisitive educator, there are some jewels herein that can lead to stimulating discussions, new resources, and an ongoing [...]