TED Talk of the Week – Google CEO Larry Page – Future of Google

Each week, I will pick a TED talk to share with PLSD.  This talk could be about teaching and learning or about technology or about leadership or just something fun.  TED is a world of spreading ideas and thinking outside of the box.  TED is a world that there is no right or wrong, only [...]

Apply for an Active Learning Center Grant for Steelcase Education

Apply for an Active Learning Center Grant from Steelcase Education Calling all innovative educators and educational institutions: Steelcase Education seeks partners in active learning who are ready to use their physical classroom space to advance learning in new and important ways.  We have a passion for understanding how learning takes place and how smarter, active [...]

Six Productivity Apps You’ll Never Want to be Without

Article by BRITTANY HODAK, Young Entrepreneur Council (The Globe and Mail) These apps will save you hours and headaches. In entrepreneurship and in life, the most valuable commodity is time. There’s never enough of it, and yet a staggering amount is spent doing the mundane tasks that come with running a business day to day. I hate [...]

What Every Teacher Needs to Know about Google in the Classroom

Article from Digital Chalk - By Jessica Sanders Google just might change the way you teach—in a good way. It makes grading more efficient, enriches the classroom experience, and allows you to connect with your students on a level they understand—all for free. “After making a full Google Docs integration this year in my history [...]

5 Tips on Using Google Apps for Meetings

As technology continues to change how we work, one of the main holdovers refuses to go away. While meetings undoubtably serve a very important purpose, many people find themselves wasting time and desperately searching for alternatives. Fortunately for you, Google Apps provides a ton of options for improving the meeting experience from the planning / [...]

Next Generation Assessment Information for PLSD Staff Members

Beginning with this school year (2014-15), Ohio school districts will switch from the Ohio Achievement Assessment (OAA) and Ohio Graduation Tests (OGT) to a new set of exams. These Next Generation Assessments more closely align with the state’s new learning standards and with the PLSD curriculum. These assessments also encourage students to use the critical [...]

30 Simple Ways You Can Use Google

Whether you’re a newbie or expert, the following infographic from GCFLearnFree may very well be worth printing out and posting in your classroom or teacher’s lounge. It briefly details the 3 top things you can do with popular Google services. Some are basic tips and some might pique your interest to learn more. For example, have you [...]

20 Things you can do with Google Classroom

Google Classroom (http://classroom.google.com) is available to schools with a Google Apps for Education (GAfE)domain. Classroom is a way to get all of your students in one place and allows you to easily assign work and for students to turn it in. Sharing Resources: Google Classroom allows you to take a document, video or link and [...]