Going Google 101 Staff Toolkit

Welcome to the first installment of the Google Staff Toolkit.  This 101 version of Google Apps for Education will be a basic overview and introduction to Google Mail, Calendar, Classrooms, Hangouts and Google+.  These videos will give staff members a basic understanding of each of the areas and information about how to transition some of [...]

Google Apps for Education Toolkit

Launching soon - Google Apps for Education Toolkit This toolkit will include three differentiation videos for each of the major areas of Google Apps for Education (Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Google Classroom, Google+ and Google Hangouts). The toolkit will include three videos in a 101, 201 and 301 format with more functionality explained as the videos [...]

Free Online Technology Course from OSU via iTunes U

This free course; Educators Getting Comfortable with Technology is an introduction to educational technology, especially those educator who are not very comfortable using technology in the classroom. All the technology used in the course is free and used by millions of educators around the world. The course can be viewed on a pc or laptop [...]

Technology Survey Continues

Pickerington Local School District is currently working with BrightBtyes to collect data from all stakeholders on how we use technology inside and outside of the classroom. Congratulations to Fairfield Elementary, Diley Middle School, Sycamore Creek Elementary and Violet Elementary as being the first schools to complete the entire survey. If you have not completed the survey yet, please [...]