Tech Plan for Schools

Over the past two years, I have led numerous teams down the path of creating a modern day technology plan that uses technology in powerful ways to improve teaching and learning.  I am very proud of the work that we have done in creating this amazing document and pathway for the future of technology.

Our goals included:

1. Improve student achievement and academic growth

2. Enhance the curriculum

3. Integrate technology into the curriculum to increase academic opportunities

4. Increase 21st century technology skills of all students and all staff

5. Every school will have the infrastructure to support learning with technology

6. Utilize technology to expand the academic environment outside of the traditional school day

7. Educate staff members on the importance instructional technology best practices and social media skills and give professional opportunities to all staff members.

The sections of the 10-year Comprehensive Technology Plan:

  1. Introduction to the Technology Plan
  2. Technology Committee
  3. Vision and Instructional Purpose
  4. Blended Learning – Tradigital Learning
  5. Current Inventory
  6. Future Implementation
  7. Educators and Programs
  8. Professional Development
  9. Special Projects
  10. Evaluation – Part 1
  11. Evaluation – Part 2